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ORGANIZATION CHART (Taxation & License Wing)



Joint Commissioner

Deputy Municipal Commissioner

Office Superintendent = 1

Officer Assistant = 4

Record Keeper = 1

Receipt & Dispatch Clerk = 1

Establishment branch . Fresh Dak receipt/dispatch movement
. Court cases

Municipal Corporation Rohtak
General DMC
Zonal Taxation Officer

Administrative wing headed by Joint Commissioner
Fresh Dak receipt/dispatch movement
Maintaining of RTI applications and disposal
Working process of Record Keeping
Working process of Library
Administrative wing headed by Joint Commissioner  
   Functions Section
To regulate and monitoring of different function of corporation. The Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 as amended from time to time Section 168 to 172 and Haryana Municipal account code 1930
Monitoring of income and expenditure of Municipal Corporation.
Establishment/matters of Municipal Corporation of Staff.
Fresh Dak receipt/dispatch movement
Maintaining of RTI applications and disposal
Monitoring of Outsource activities (sanitation, horticulture, etc.)
Record keeping
Procurement Process for MC office
Preparation of administrative reports of the corporation and submission to the Govt. in prescribed time frame.  
To hold election of the Municipal Corporation.  
To prepare the meeting agenda and proceeding of the meeting of the corporation.  
To conduct social welfare activities and there regulation in municipal corporation area.  
To conduct BPL /Socio-Economy survey in Municipal limits  
Enforcing different laws/rules of Municipal Corporation Rohtak and to ensure implementation of all the notices served by Municipal Corporation, Rohtak.  
The taking of a census of population;  
Fresh Dak Receipt / dispatch movement
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record (Format No)
1 All kinds of Dak/Letters received in person or by post in General Branch of the Corporation. Receipt Clerk Daily    
2  After receiving/marking, the same is submitted to competent higher authority for seen. Office Supdtt.   Daily Dak Pad  
3 After seen by the higher competent authority the detailed entry is being done into the Receipt Register. Receipt Clerk Daily Receipt Register  
4 After entering in register the same is delivered by the peon to the concerned Branches for further action. Peon Daily Peon Book  
5 All Kinds of Dak/Letters meant for outside the O/O the Corporation are dispatched with proper entry in the register. Dispatch Clerk Daily Dispatch Register  
6 All Local Dak/Letters are delivered through peon to the concerned offices. Peon Daily Peon Book  
7 All outstations Dak/Letters are dispatched through ordinary/registered post. Dispatch Clerk Daily Dak Ticket  
8 A sum of Rs. 5000/- is being given as an advance for purchase of Dak Ticket. Dispatch Clerk Monthly    
9 A register is being maintained for keeping the record of postage and is audited. Dispatch Clerk Monthly Dispatch Register & Dak ticket detail  
Establishment of employees of MCR Complaint/Enquiries/Grievances of Establishment of employees of MCR), Recruitment/Punishment/Promotions of employees of MCR, Monitoring of Outsource activities (sanitation, horticulture, internal contract staff)
Process Activities
Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
 1. All Services matters i.e. Administrative & Disciplinary action, enquiries, preparation of charge sheets, disposal of complaints, writing of ACRs & promotions etc are being dealt by the Establishment branch. Office Superintendent Time to time service rules ACR Format
  2. All the District Level vacant posts of the Corporation are being filled up/ decreased as per Govt. instructions/Norms :-
a) Preparation of List of sanctioned posts.
b) Vacant Posts are being filled up through deputation as a stop gap arrangement till the arrival of regular staff.
c) In case of non availability on deputation the posts are filled up through outsourcing as per instructions.
Office Superintendent Time to time Asper Govt.Instructions  
  3.   All employees get casual leave as per Govt. rules which are allowed by competent authority to the employees. Establishment Clerk Daily Govt. Rules Leave Format
  4.   Casual Leave register is being maintained in the Establishment branch to keep the leave account of every official. Establishment Clerk Daily Casual Leave account Register.  
Maintaining of RTI applications and disposal
Process Activities
Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
 All kinds of RTI application are received in corporation and entered in the RTI register.  RTI Clerk Daily RTI Register  
 2. RTI clerk issues a receipt of Rs. 50/- to the applicant as per RTI rules, which is deposited through cashier on same day. RTI Clerk Daily G-8 Receipt Book  
 3. RTI Clerk Deposit the cash on same day to the Head cashier RTI Clerk Daily Cash collection form  
 4. All RTI applications are sent to concerned branches through peon for further necessary action. Peon Daily  Peon Book  
  5. All Branches has to submit their report to RTI clerk Branch RTI Clerk 7 days    
  6. After compiling the RTI reply, the same is sent to the applicant by Registered Post or in person. APIO /RTI Clerk 30 days receipt of application    
  7. If any applicant is not satisfied with the reply, he can prefer an appeal to the First Appellate Authority. Jt. Commissioner 45 days    
 8. The Appellate authority hear the appellant and dispose of the same under his powers. Jt. Commissioner 30 Days    
 9. Event than the applicant is not satisfied then he can prefer another appeal to the 2nd Appellate Authority. S IC 45 Days    
Working process of Record Keeping
Process Activities
Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
  1 Essential items are being purchased by a Committee constituted by theCommissioner. Other few items are also purchased for immediate official use with due permission of the competent authority. The necessary entries of all the purchased items are made in the stock register. Record Keeper At the time of purchase  Stock Register  
 2  All the purchased items are handed over to the concerned branches/officers after taking proper receipt in stock register. Record Keeper  At the time of deliver  Stock Register  
 3  Audit is being done after 3 months by the Auditor Auditor   3 months  Stock Register  
Working process of Library
Process Activities
Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
Main Library of Corporation is set up at Manpower Park. There is 5000 English Literature Book of various authors in the Library and purchase daily 12 leading/National Newspaper English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu language. Librarian Daily Newspaper & Literature books  
A Register is maintained for visitors/ readers in the library. Libraria Daily Visitors Register  
Historical/Literature Books are issued to the readers only for one month take home. Librarian and Reader 30 days Reader Register  
In case of non return of books within one month, the reader has to pay the fine Rupee per day as per rules.  Librarian and Reader Reader Register & Fine Register    
Another 8 library has been opened and maintained in Municipal area by the 4th Class employees and only few daily newspapers purchased for them. Concerned 4th class employees Daily Daily News paper  
Every Press cutting relating to the Corporation activities is being selected & submitted to the higher authorities for taking desirable action on the published report. Liberian Daily Press Cutting File  
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